Personalized Products Guide

At Zankis, we offer you a wide range of product as well as custom option to choose from. In order to simplify the proccess, we made this guide to help you do it the right way.

1. Personalized Name(s)

  • Length: Please use only ONE part of the name(s) (First name or Last name) for us to put on the design area. The character limitation is 10-12 characters.
  • If there're Two or More Names to put on the design (only available on some products: such as for couples, for grandchildren, etc.) the names should be seperated by semicolon ";".

2. Personalized Photo

  • Quality Picture: Highest quality pictures as much as possible. It’s clearly, well-light, from a close distance.
  • Shoot angle: The front of your face (From your middle to top of head)
  • DO NOT use any digital zoom and portrait mode if it is taken with an iPhone.
  • DO NOT use photo capture applications with stickers or facial stickers.

3. Personalized Date/Year

The format should always be: dd/mm/yyyy. Example: 01/01/2000.

For further information or dicussion, please contact us at: